Easy Return

To ask for a return you have up to 30 days.

It’s very easy!

Login to our portal using your username, email and the password you got after the registration.

Click on “Orders” on the left column: a list will appear. Then, go on “View”: here, below the order details, select “Refund my entire order”. Easy, right?

Once the request goes through you can chat with us clicking on “My refund requests” on the left column of your account.

The shipping fees to our stocks have been fixed to 8€, a price that includes:

  1. Controlled transportation of your order to our warehouse
  2. SMS Alert Service to get information about the date and the time of the pick up
  3. Personal Area: you will be able to check and track the return process

Haven’t you signed up yet?

No worries! Send us an email to info@lagocollection.it and put “Your name + Order ID” in the object. (E.g. Johanna Smith #0023)

We’re here to clear any doubt out! And together we will be proceeding with the return of your order.